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cool song, and a funny video :D

at first I was surprised, since I only found a description to a band with that name from Winnipeg, Canada, which didn't really seem to fit this music

but then I saw that there's another "The Harlots" from Melbourne - and that's them ;)

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There was another "The Harlots" that hailed from Australia. From Sydney, they released a self-titled EP back in '95. They did a cover version of KISS' "Detroit Rock City."

And then there are the "Candy Harlots" who were also known as "The Harlots" and from Sydney.

I'm usually leery of any new bands using the same name of others, especially from their own country. It's not that they can't use the same name, but does give off indication of making profit (eg. selling music, tickets to shows) in hopes the other bands fans (who don't do their homework) think its them.

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