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I was just wondering if any of you sat through the whole season of The Event on NBC. Thanks to that newfangled notion they call DVR, if I was not home to watch it, I did the following day.

Anyway, the finale a couple of weeks ago left too many things unanswered as well as begged for a second season. NBC, down on it's ratings (of course those ratings sank....CBS had Two and a Half Men and Mike and Molly, ABC had Dancing With the Stars in the same time slot) in it's infinite wisdom never gave the show a chance. It even prempted it for a couple of months in the middle of the season.

The show in my opinion was the best new action drama this past season. There is a chance the SYFY channel could pick it up as a mini-series and if it does well it may have a second season.

Anyone with thoughts about this show?

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