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Your Lifetime Most-Heard Song

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I heard "Mysterious Ways" by U2 again today. This song is so much a part of me that I sometimes hear it even when it's not playing. It's just lodged in a corner of my brain waiting for a vacuum to fill.

That's because this is the song I've heard more than any other in my life. It followed me from radio station to radio station: Tight rotation in Top 40 and then in recurrents from 1991-1995, then onto the classic rock playlists in the early '00s. I heard it in one radio studio or another literally thousands of times, and of course, it comes up quite often in real life as well as it did today when I was getting a piece of pizza.

Hopefully your lifetime most-heard song is one of your choosing - I know a guy who plays "Hey Nineteen" by Steely Dan every morning. It might also be one your parents chose for you - a lullaby every night can rack up a lot of spins.

So share: What is your Lifetime Most-Heard song?

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It's almost definitely "Thunder Road". I've heard it my whole life, starting through my Dad, and then when I finally woke up to music I instantly had that Springsteen background because of that, and I've loved him ever sense. I will never, ever get tired of that song.

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The first thing I thought of reading this thread is my own designation called the 10,000 club(I've heard that song 10,000 times). :doh:

Through the years there's been lots of radio stations being played while at work.

I'm always saying at work...

"This is the 10,000 time I've heard this song."

But if I had to be pinned down to one, I guess it would be...

Light My Fire by The Doors

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I have to go with Money by Pink Floyd. From High School to present day I have heard this song. Still love it too and Floyd is still my favorite band ;)

I really gave your question some thought Carl and even tho I was raised on country and then being in Cali. half my life, got a very strong dose of what is now called classic rock, I still have to say Money is the one I've heard the most.

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Anything by either Pink Floyd or surprisingly enough, Frank Sinatra. I grew up listening to both styles of music, because that's what my parents listened to when they were young adults. From each artist I'd say probably Time and That's Life.

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I wish that the most "life time heard songs" weren't Freebird, Stairway to Heaven or Dream On. Like it as much as not, they are over heard songs.

I remember buying a new album back in the 70s. Then, every album was exciting, fresh and "new."

I'd only allow myself to listen to any new album only once per week in hopes I wouldn't tire of it. My work was cut out for me.

My theory paid off because there is not one 70s song that I have ever grown tired of; nor ever will.

They're timeless.

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