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Songlist for transition


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To Mid-Life Crisis. I've gotten myself a Harley Davidson Road King and hitting the open road to Winslow, Arizona. drbjps.jpg I'm including songs like America's "Ventura Highway", Jackson Browne's "Running On Empty", et. al and capping it off with "Take It Easy" for the arrival in Winslow. Looking for favorites for the trip.

All the best,


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ok, with alittle imagination, "Hotel

winslow-zona", or "Motor Cycle Momma" (if the wife (girl friend) is going too).

Simon and Garfunkle's "America" fits the bill..although they dont go through Winslow....

And hey there is a song called "Hotel Arizona" by a band called 'Wilco'

And I remember another just called "Arizona" by 'Mark Lindsay', circa 1970....

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I'm hoping to be able to book an extra week off work, and make it all the way to California. I'd really love to just get a series of 4 photographs and have them framed when I get back. One in front of the famous Chicken Ranch brothel, looking devilish. One in front of Sacred Heart church, in my hometown, looking angelic. One in front of the "Welcome To Dallas" sign, and the last, in front of the famed "Hollywood" sign. Mount all four in that sequence, over the lyrics,

"I've been bad, I been good... Dallas Texas, Hollywood!".

No, for real... The Grandkids won't know what to make of it...

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Easy Driver ~ Kenny Loggins "Easy driver, she's a wicked rider/She's smooth and she's skinny and she's probably mean/Easy driver, pull up beside her, roll down the window on this fine machine"

Interstate ~ Refreshments "Velvet black interstate was something to feel/spent $5.99 on a stone cold meal/another bottle of wine, I was feeling just fine/and when we crossed the state line we were just in time to fall asleep at the wheel."

Roll On Down the Highway ~ BTO "Cop on the corner/look he's startin' to write/I don't need no ticket so I screamed out of sight/Drove so fast that my eyes can't see/Look in the mirror, is he still followin' me?"

Freeborn Man ~ Outlaws "I'm a freeborn man/My home is on my back/I know every inch of highway/Every foot of backroad/Every mile of railroad track."

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