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Just as first scout Niedemheier stepped out of the craft he gasped. Not because of the ammonia-filled atmosphere but because he saw something so beautiful that he couldn't help but walk towards it.*

Niedemheier had become a cannibal six months earlier when Captain Klaus gave the go-ahead to murder the weak and sick surviving members after the rations had been depleted.

They ate well...until it was just the two of them. Luckily for Niedemheier that he was an insomniac. Even more so that he forgot the screams.

*He didn't bother to notice the black-orange sky, the leaves of vegetation being iridescent nor the quadruple suns. He was hungry...again. He saw lots of vegetation in this new world!

He wandered and found what looked liked huge strawberries. He reached down with both hands and grabbed one. It felt unusually familiar. He examined it carefully to make sure it wasn't poisonous.

And then, without a moment's hesitation . . .

He bit into it.

...faintly he heard a scream. He ignored it and grabbed another. This time the scream was louder than before. The juices ran down his mouth...almost the same way that his comrades' blood had.

He kept eating, anyway.Still ignoring the


Little did he realize the vine encircling his legs...the microscopic barbs sending neuro-toxins had already numbed them. Though he could still hear screaming . . .

He screamed once he realized that he couldn't; even his vocal cords were paralyzed! The venus-fly-trap monstrosity couldn't care less about Niedemheier's inaudible screams. It couldn't hear them!

The last sound Neidemheier unfortunately heard was thunderous even though it was simply a burp.

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Thanks, my boy! (cool-hand-Luke, hell! That boy was a natural-born-world-shaker!!!)

Only thing 'ver scared me was Lucille...and the fact that you ate fifty eggs.

I can't compete. I'll still send you a postcard, though.



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