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Comfort songs about suicide....


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Someone very, very close to me lost someone very close to her through suicide last night. I need a song to help her feel better and to help her understand that some people just feel hopeless and nothing you can do will make them better.

She relates through music and loves just about anything. She is 25 and carrying a heavy load right now. Any suggestions?

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I don't think songs about suicide would be best. I can think of a dozen right now, but they're too depressing and sad - and don't offer any positive message. Personally, I'd choose instrumental songs from Classical to Modern Pop.

"Sketch For Summer" by The Durutti Column

"Sleepwalk" by Santo And Johnny

One song with lyrics that came to mind was Collective Soul's "The World I Know." I don't like their songs, but the lyrics are a bit apropos.

"Has our conscience shown?

Has the sweet breeze blown?

Has all kindness gone?

Hope still lingers on.

I drink myself of newfound pity

Sitting alone in New York City

And I don't know why.

Are we listening?

Hymns of offering.

Have we eyes to see?

Love is gathering.

All the words that I've been reading

Have now started the act of bleeding

Into one.

So I walk up on high

And I step to the edge

To see my world below.

And I laugh at myself

While the tears roll down.

'Cause it's the world I know.

It's the world I know."

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There are not any words that I can come up with when regarding a person thinking about ending their life.

I've thought about it . . . though, rationalization overpowered a weak solution to an eternal mistake.

One thing I've learned about suicide is;

There was nothing I could do to change their drastic decision. I feel that suicide hurts those that wish they could have done something.

Sadly, nothing can be done once one is so depressed that life is no longer important.

I pray for those that feel sad.

I Used to Love Her

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As previous posters have said, songs about suicide probably wouldn't be best, so I have some suggestions that you could check out to see if you think they're suitable.


1. Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On"; the whole album.

2. U2's music is very positive and uplifting; try some of their stuff out.

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"There were days when you've been angry

pushing everyone away

and when i call to hear your voice

you wouldn't even pick up the phone.

There will be a day that's commin'

when i'll call you once again

to say i'm missing you and that i love you

for a very last time.

Would you search for me among the souls

if you knew that i am lost

would you shout my name

until you lose your voice

Would you look them in their face

seeking for my eyes to find

would you give up everything you have

just to have me for one last time.

And finally you sit alone

pushing everyone away

looking at the table and the phone

and waiting .. for my call."

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I've experienced this myself not suicide particularly, but someone dying young that was close to me. I had a couple songs get me through that hard time.

Cinderella- Through the Rain

Escape Club- I'll be there

Gary Allan- Life ain't always Beautiful

(If you know the story of Gary Allen and his wife...he suffered from his wife killing herself a few years back)

I hope these help anybody who suffers from the lost of someone that's gone and not coming back.

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