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Osama bin Laden Dead

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Did you guys hear the latest? Trump is refusing to believe that Bin Laden is dead until he sees a death certificate. Wow!

Out goes the birther movement to make way for the birth of the "deather movement" hahaha :beatnik:

In the spirit of bread and circus (and in light of the fact we may not see the pictures of the dead guy), we shoulda captured this punk alive and paraded him in a Nuremberg Trial fashion.

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I think that bin laden was the only man to ever walk on the moon! Where else could he have possibly hid for so long?

We found saddam hussein in a hole in the middle of no where! We must've used a metal detector or got lucky finding that schlong!

It'd even make a nice song . . . though it'd be wrong because I'm going to bed.

(shouldn't it be, "I'm going to the bed?")

We still sound like neanderthals for crying out loud! :P

I mean, when's the last time you said, before going to your vehicle:

"I'm going to car but first I'm going to house to find keys but may go to phone to call all your base are belong to us!


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