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Album Anxiety

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I've waited 14 years for a good album to come out.

I reccomend you start listening to some R.E.M. and some super cool grunge(just stay away from STP and you'll be fine)

I know you like Floyd so you should probably like the later stuff released by Soundgarden. :thumbsup:

EDIT-Oh, also pick up Audioslave's album, and Springsteen's 'The Rising' (probably the greatest album released so far in the new millenium)

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10 years ago, I waited on Pink Floyd's Division Bell. I was impressed with it's calm soothing sound & talented display of music. The music industry was pretty dull that year, but that was one of my favorite current albums at the time, along with Eagles Hell Freezes Over, Alice in Chains Jar of Flies, & Nirvana's Unplugged in NY. Mazzy Star impressed me too with a few of her songs.

But I guess the Chinese Democracy debacle puts that in perspective (not that anyone in their right mind is anxiously awaiting that!)

I've been waiting on that to come out for 8 years now (or it seems, I finally gave up on it)

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Gillian - most people posting on this site are on the other side of the pond. I don't think they've heard of The Manics. So, I will join you in looking forward to their next release.

Well my cousin is from Boston and she has heard of them..

But wuw! the manics are class :)

Roll on October 5th..

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