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Audioslave . . . Velvet Revolver . . .

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As you may or may not not know . . .

Rage Against the Machine + Soundgarden [Cornelle] = Audioslave

Guns N' Roses + Stone Temple Pilots [Weiland] = Velvet Revolver

My question to all of you is . . . what are your thoughts on these two seemingly close "super groups"?

Like the results for both, only one, neither?

Would you have preferred the original bands over their new bands today?

Which of the bands did you like or dislike the most of these . . .?

I'm interested to read peoples thoughts. I'll post mine soon.


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Audioslave takes that velvet revolver and then Chris Cornell pulls the trigger and shoots Weiland's pansy drugged up a$$ right outta the water.

And then Tom Morrelo picks up his guitar and bashes Slashe's head in over and over and over again(and of course Slash is doing the two things he does best while this beating is taking place:

Smoking and drinking ::)

Yeah, Audioslave kicks some major tail, whereas Velvet Revolver was really just a major let down, and just kind of bowed down to the almighty Clear Channel. :thumbsdown:

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I bought the new Velvet Revolver album Contraband, & it does indeed suck for the most part. There are a few good songs on there, like Big Machine & Headspace, but the full track listing is cynically insipid. Not a bad idea for an integrated band, but a different lead singer could?ve been more efficient, where limitation & lack of originality takes its course.

The same could be said for Audioslave?s highly overrated self-titled album, even though they exhibit a solid mix of emotion in most of their songs. It?s still an improvement when evaluated to Velvet Revolver.

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