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Kiwi Music for Christchurch Earthquake Appeal

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Kia Ora Songfactors!

I'm thinking you may have heard about the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand last week. The damage is really bad with 155 people dead, 200+ still missing and thousands needing help with basic things like a roof over their heads, clean water,sanitation and food.

Then there's the damage to the city, the costs of repairs are in the billions so Christchurch really needs any help they can get.

One way of helping which might have you Songfactors interested is through Music website, Music Hype.

New Zealand artists have donated songs to the cause and for a minimum $5 donation through paypal people such as yourselves can download 6 hours of New Zealand music. All proceeds go to Red Cross NZ.

With so many artists donating their music, the songs are being updated frequently so I can't exactly guarantee what you'll be listening to, but it'll be a chance to give kiwi music a go AND help out people in need.

For more information you can check out the Music Hype website:



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