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Why isn't anyone screaming about the new Radiohead song/album?

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Well seeing as how I seem to be one of the only big Radiohead fans here, I've been getting excited about this album all week.

I'm happy I finally got it, it's really good. Personally, I've never heard a bad Radiohead album (thought I would venture to say albums like "Hail To The Thief" and "Amnesiac" are not their best), and this album did not disappoint at all. I loved it. My only problem was it was a bit too short for me.

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First listen impressions:

They have gone too far from their earlier style.

Loads of Thom's singing. I'd like to hear more band. Some songs even feel a bit boring.

In Rainbows was good, even great. The eraser had some good songs, but King of Limbs is a bit too trip-hop (is that what it's called?) for me.

Maybe it gets better in time. I haven't looked into the lyrics yet.

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