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Silly Love Songs


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...You'd think that people would have had enough of silly love longs but I look around me and I see it isn't so

Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs

And what's wrong with that ?

I'd like to know 'cause here I go again.


Penned of course by none other than Sir Paul McCartney

This was Pauls response to Johns criticizations of Pauls wispy songs, accusing him of not being able to "rock if he tried."

Paul once commented that - "The fact is, deep down, people are very sentimental," he said. "If they watch a sentimental movie at home, they cry, but in public they won't. We don't like to show our emotions; we tend to sneer at that. And in the same way, people may not admit to liking love songs, but that's what they seem to crave."

I love to ROCK-OUT!! But I also like to hear some soft songs too.

What Kiss fan doesn't love Beth, I'm not a huge kiss fan myself, but I love Beth ever since the first time I heard it.

I am glad the world is filled with Silly Love Songs.

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I love silly love songs like that one because it's the epitome of them. The thread title popped it in my head immediately. I think Paul said it best...

What's wrong with that?

I'd like to know.

So here I go...again!

Another along the same line is this one. The '70s carried with it many good, catchy, silly love songs that were fun to listen to. It must have been great performing this song and truly loving each other...

The Captain and Tennille

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I always thought "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" was pretty cheesy, it mostly has to do with the way they sing the song though & the part in the middle where he metaphorically refers to the couple in a baseball game announcer's voice.

MeatLoaf was ingenius when he added Phil Rizzuto to the song. It was his love of baseball. There was a time when MeatLoaf would play 15 to 20 fantasy leagues a season. (maybe more)

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