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Funny Things Quoted by Rock Stars

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What are some things that have been said by a musician, that you find to be humorous?

For example: one I find funny is when Ozzy Osbourne was asked about his earlier days before Sabbath's debut album was released that what his mother's reaction was and if she thought he should get a better & more respectable career. He said she still says that to this day.

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Gene Simmons, 1978:

"I realized that to make any kind of statement from music or anything else, you really have to simplify it, really bring it down to the LCD – the Lowest Common Denominator, so that people out there that don't play instruments can appreciate what you are doing, that they don't have to sit there and go to school to realize that what we've done is good."

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Terence Trent D'Arby, misquoting Oscar Wilde:

I have nothing to declare except I'm a genius

Thus confirming he is anything but!!! :stars:

He's now known as Sananda Maitreya. I asked him about changing his name, and here's what he replied (I think this qualifies as a funny rock star quote):

"TTD had died. His psyche had been shot full of so many arrows that he could no longer hold his spirit. After intense pain I meditated for a new spirit, a new will, a new identity. Sananda Maitreya is an opportunity for me, this spirit, to live with a new psyche and use it to continue my work, the work I came to earth for."

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The Wit and Wisdom of George Thorogood:

"My biggest thrill is when somebody says to a friend, ‘I’ve got George’s new CD and it’s just like the last one.’ You know what I mean? Not all of us are John Lennon and Paul McCartney. They started off playing Chuck Berry, then they developed it into Strawberry Fields . I am not like that, nor do I ever proclaim to be like that."

"How far can you stretch three chords? Or in my case, one chord?" he says, laughing again. "How many different paint jobs can I put on Johnny B. Goode ?"

"Let’s put it this way. Dylan has a Rolls Royce dealership. I have a used Chevy dealership. But I’m in the business. You got it? That’s all I wanted from this thing. A gig, man. And I got a gig."

"You’ve got to figure out a way to do this with barely a high school education and no voice to speak of and some interesting chops on the guitar. But you’ve got to bullshit your way in there, man. I say this to the world: The Beatles did what they did, the rest of us played the blues."

[smaller]From George and the Destroyers website[/smaller]

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