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Anyone else "Justified?"

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A couple months ago, an eclectic cable channel here started carrying a new crime drama titled Justified. The program revolves around a deputy U.S. Marshall who was transferred from a Miami, Florida field office to his home state of Kentucky. He hates his former hometown of Harlan and most of the people who inhabit it, but the transfer forces him to occasionally face his demons from the past, as business takes him to that town, adjacent to his new office in Lexington.

Not your typical crime drama, most the characters are endowed with intricate personalities as endowed through excellent writing. Each hourlong episode is entwined with previous (and future) episodes, not unlike a soap opera, albeit with much higher production values and superior acting.

I have seen all 8 episodes that have been aired so far, thoroughly involved within the series' devotion to detail, intelligent wit and uniquely entertaining plots, which seem to always twist with irony like a Kentucky copperhead snake.

Wondered if anyone else here has seen the program and interested in what you might think about it.

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