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Lawdy! So, we're screwed then! :(

Probably why this game has been stalled for so long. It happens from time to time with this game, then suddenly a rush of #'s come in then we get stuck again. Not unusual for this game. :tongue:

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One - Metallica

2 Minutes To Midnight - Iron Maiden

Three Little Birds - Bob Marley

Four In The Morning (I Can't Take Any More) - Night Ranger

Five O'Clock World - The Vogues

6V6 LA - The Meters

Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes

Eight Days A Week - The Beatles

#9 Dream - John Lennon

10 Seconds Down - Sugar Ray

Eleven Roses - Hank Williams Jr.

12:51 - The Strokes

13 Questions - Seatrain

14 Years - Guns N' Roses

Fifteen Beers - Johnny Paycheck

16 Candles - The Crests

Seventeen - Winger

18 Til I Die - Bryan Adams

Nineteen Forever - Joe Jackson

Twenty Flight Rock - Gene Vincent

21 Guns - Green Day

Twenty-Two Days - Roy Orbison

23 - Jimmy Eat World

Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa - Randy Barlow

"25 Years" - Hawkwind

Edited by Otokichi
Do you remember "Hawkwind"?

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