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Brisbane, Australia Floods....

OLD 55

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Brisbane, Australia, 3 days ago

I don't know the location of my fellow Australian, Lissy. Perhaps one of the Mods could look up her Email address and check on her welfare ?

The floods have moved further south now. We were fortunate enough not to be affected. Please pray for those poor people who have lost their lives, their relatives, and all of their possessions. Some will never recover.

Thanks babyteen (and your Mom) for enquiring after my Family.

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Thanks Lea and Elena. Yes, we're fine where we are.

Now parts of country Victoria are inundated.

I tried to contact Katie Sane but her Email address isn't current. And I don't know where Lissy lives. The floods have affected the Australian Eastern States of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

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Hi! Edna, I just got your facebook message!

I'm a long way south of the floods at the moment, down the lower end of New South Wales. We had our own dramas in December, and were evacuated from our homes then. Back in now, but the clean up is ongoing. The situation in Queensland is that times a thousand. I remember the sheer panic of running through flood waters and trying to help my flatmate after we snatched some clothes and the cat from our apartment building. Not something I want to experience again :/

I was thinking of you and your family Darryl, I'm glad to see you're okay.

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Thanks all. :) Good to hear you're OK Katie, and special thanks to Shawna for finding out that Lissy hails from Adelaide, South Australia, which wasn't affected.

I read the article Ron, which I believe is largely unfair. I think most people here believe it's just something that happened. Australia has always been a land of drought, fire and flood. Granted though, that Anna Bligh's Labor Government have made some unwise,unviable project decisions, but I suppose they had to something after the long drought and tough water restrictions that were imposed.

Also, many of us who witnessed the 1974 floods probably had become complacent after the Wivenhoe Dam was built, because it was to be the ultimate for flood mitigation in South East Queensland. But considering all the rain we had, the Dam couldn't hold all of that back, no matter when the water was released. It just delayed the flooding. Also some of the flooding came from water courses that don't flow through the Dam.

What shocked us was the fierce torrents from the rivers and creeks upstream (above the Wivenhoe Dam) which trapped and drowned people. We've never seen water rise that fast before. A large dam could have made a lot of difference there.

The street I was born in used to flood regularly when I was a child. The kid down the road had a canoe and he'd give us turns at paddling it around. We'd move our car up the hill, and just wait for the flooding to go down.

Water didn't go in that house until the 1974 flood; imagine a large double story house with 5 feet of water in it. My Mother, Stepfather and Grandmother moved in with us until the house was 'liveable' again. I took time off work to clean it, joined by many wonderful volunteers.

When those Family Members died, we sold it to a couple who we made well aware of the risks. I went around there a week ago and they'd only had a few feet of water in the yard - not the house, thank goodness.

I probably won't live to see this big a flood again, but I'm sure there will be more. Brisbane is built on a flood plain, so nature will take its course.

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