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Hey beautiful, what's yer sign?

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Actually it's not so barbaric. Levi's is right, except it may be a bit extreme for simple mood disorders. ;) But in severe ones it's a known (and controversial) alternative, with consent.

I don't know too much about that, but knowing what I know about the alternative drug therapy it might be worth considering in a wider sense. Drug therapy can work wonders .... if you find the right drugs, in the right combinations, and the right dosage, and the patient is compliant, and the patient doesn't suffer any of the myriad of nasty (even fatal) side effects. Oh and add a deep pocketbook, because some of these medications are ridiculously expensive. Oh, and if you don't mind contributing to or being taken in by one of the biggest scams perpetrated by big pharma today .... :P

Sorry. It's just that anti-depressants are one of the more over-prescibed medications out there, and the drug companies make ridiculous amounts of money, sometimes by doing nothing more than changing a molecule .... voila, new drug, we can charge you double what you were paying before .... For many people anti-depressants are great but it's a real crapshoot. People should know that.

Oops, you were talking about zodiac signs. Sorry. ;)

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