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A Brief Leave


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I’m taking a brief leave from the American Dream

and vague entities like liberty that mean everything and nothing to everybody and nobody

and church and guilt for something I do not believe

and being so angry all the time because you voted for somebody else

and always plugged in I wrote this on a computer do I even own a pencil

and we’re at war in Afghanistan we’ve always been at war in Afghanistan and what is Vietnam and

what is two plus two anyway

and maybe there are more gunshots here than there

and all they were saying was give peace a chance and that was nice but I was not even born yet

and is this beat or hippie or punk or just goddamn pretentious

and wanting to be Morrison or Ginsberg when I know that the only way to be Morrison or Ginsberg is to not be Morrison or Ginsberg

and building a fence whitewashing history whitewashing music whitewashing all of it

and me white affluent suburban silly no right to complain

no right to complain at all

so I come back

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