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Sittin' On A Dream

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Sammy, I thought you of all people would appreciate early Tom Hanks masterworks like Money Pit, Bachelor Party and the very underrated Joe Vs. The Volcano. And you must have liked a few episodes of Bosom Buddies.

I think I've seen every single one of Tom Hanks' movies. I liked Bosom Buddies. He was great as Uncle Ned on Family Ties. He even decked The Fonz. Bachelor Party rules!! (However, it was Adrian Zmed who stole the show in that one! What an actor!!)

Joe and the Volcano...ehhh. I even liked Volunteers.

But The Money Pit?!...that sucked out loud! It nearly ended Hanks' career, and it DID end Shelley Long's career. She never should have left Cheers.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester: :popcorn:

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The one minute, 30 second song "Sittin' on a Dream" in "The Money Pit' was sung by none other than the great Melissa Manchester! I have no idea why the credits did not list her as the performer of this song. If you listen carefully, you definitely know it's Melissa. She is credited for performing this song in her Wikipedia bio...

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