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Groom Runs, Bride Sues

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There was a call-in segment on the radio this morning about this case. I was intrigued enough to look it up... intrigued, because who the &^$# would be stupid enough to spend a hundred grand on a wedding without any contribution from the the other involved party?


BY LEEANN MATON Staff Reporter/lmaton@suntimes.com Dec 11, 2010 06:14PM

A former Chicago area bride-to-be is suing her ex-fiance, who she claims dumped her just four days before their fall 2010 wedding — and left her on the hook for its nearly $100,000 price tag.

Dominique A. Buttitta and Vito V. Salerno were engaged in December 2007 after more than three years of dating, according to the suit filed Friday in Cook County Circuit Court.

Buttitta, an attorney who works in Hoffman Estates, claims she spent more than $95,000 on wedding-related items and services while planning the event, which was to take place Oct. 2 in Barrington, the suit said. Expenses included $30,000 to reserve a suburban banquet hall, more than $11,000 on flowers and lighting, $10,000 for an orchestra to perform at the festivities, a $5,000 wedding gown and $600 for wedding shoes, the suit states. She also spent $70.40 to send cancellation notices.

The month before the wedding, the groom allegedly attended a bachelor party at the Pink Monkey, 750 S. Clinton, where he engaged in “flirtatious and amorous acts in public,†which included lap dances and other contact with strippers, the suit alleges. The suit alleges he never told his fiance about the lewd acts during the bachelor party.

At some point before the wedding, Salerno began telling people the wedding was off, the suit alleges. Buttitta confronted him Sept. 25, after her sister allegedly spoke with her fiance’s co-worker, who said the wedding was canceled, the suit stated. He initially denied that, but then called off the wedding two days later, the suit stated. He allegedly said his feelings had changed after he returned from a temporary job he took in Colorado more than a year earlier.

Buttitta claims she suffered severe emotional distress and says his behavior “went beyond the bounds of decency,†the suit claims.

The two-count suit claims breach of promise to marry and intentional infliction of emotional distress. It seeks more than $95,000 in damages plus the costs of the suit. Buttitta could not be reached for comment. An attorney for one of the firms that filed the suit declined to comment Friday night. Salerno did not return a message seeking comment.

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Seems that he figured out his income could never keep up with her spending, so he cut her loose. (30 grand for a one-shot party room rental?! 10 grand for entertainment?!!) Even if he loses the suit, he'll be big bucks ahead, in the long run.

Love that the suit includes her complaint that he got a lap dance from a stripper at his bachelor party. Yeah, that's .. uh ... shocking.

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