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Five for fighting - Slice

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My friend keeps telling me about a song he hears all the time on the radio at work and despite all the Googling etc... I haven't been able to find "anything" ... and I mean "anything".

He says the song starts out, then somewhere in the lyrics makes mention of AMERICAN PIE... or the story of American Pie or the making of American Pie.

No.. It's NOT American Pie itself by Don McClean or any remake of the song but he claims it somehow mentions American Pie IN the lyrics.

1 --- A male singer, he doesn't think it's a group a believes he's a white guy.

2 --- kind of a "slower" type song.

But again... something is mentioned about American Pie (the song) within the lyrics.

He "thinks it's a relativly new song.

Thanks in advance

Melissa :)

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You rock Blusey. I knew it but just couldn't remember it.

I do know it was good enough to make an impression on me so that says a lot ;)

Melissa, welcome to Songfacts :D

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