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When you come across a delicious little trivia truffle that has to do with music, please post it here. I'll start:

The race horse Zenyatta is named after the Police album Zenyatta Mondatta. She's owned by Jerry Moss of A&M Records, who signed The Police.

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Interesting how my horse, "No Holds Barred" raced against "Zenyatta" (owned by my friend, Jerry Moss)!...lol

We are mere horse raisers but our love for beautiful mares (wanting stallions) still rings true, especially at the starting line!

The only music song that I can come up with coinciding with this is... and I know, I've played it before . . . maybe

White Horse ~ Wonderland Avenue

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Smokey Robinson loathes "Tears of a Clown."

Stevie Nicks' white dress on the cover of "Bella Donna" was an exact opposite replica to the black dress she wore for the cover of "Rumours."

The "Gibson Girl" hairdo (loose bun) that she used to wear in Fleetwood Mac's early days onstage was held together by a single bobby pin, and it took her exactly 30 seconds to gather up all that hair and put it up into that perfect "messy" look... and it never once fell out during any stage performance.

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When the Beatles famous Butcher Cover was recalled in America, Columbia Records put the new covers on top of the old ones. A few record stores figured out that you could steam them off and reveal the bloody dolls, which allowed them to sell them for 6 bucks instead of 3. There are probably a bunch of copies of Yesterday and Today floating around with a hidden butcher cover.

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Darrell Lance Abbott, metal guitarist, known as "Dimebag Darrell, a founding member of the bands Pantera and Damageplan and who was shot to death on stage on 12/8/2004, carried his passions to the grave.

A devoted fan of Black Sabbath and KISS, he had a tattoo of Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley on his chest, which Frehley once autographed for him.

He then had the autograph tattooed in place on his chest.

Having asked for a copy of Eddie Van Halen's "Bumblebee" guitar (which is pictured on the back cover of the album Van Halen II), before his death, the actual guitar was buried along with Darrell in a Kiss Kasket (an actual casket that was marketed and licensed by the band, Kiss) because he had made it known that he wanted to be buried in one of these caskets.

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