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2010 Top Classic Rock Songs 250 - 1

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I agree with you Rocky, I can't think of any song I would put before Stairway when ranking the absolute best. There might be one or two that come close, but I would probably have those at 2 and 3.

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It's just, that solo.

It literally gives me goosebumps every time. I've always said that Jimmy Page is the greatest guitarist of all time and that one of the main reasons why, at least for me, is because he knew where the music needed to go. That perfect solo, that perfect place for the music to go, Jimmy Page would take it there. And I think that Stairway is a perfect example of that.

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I second that!

Stairway to heaven is a perfect song.

It being overplayed shouldn't be a reason not to call it one of the best songs of all time, altought it's difficult to be objective as we all are


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my top 20

in no order

i want you (she's so heavy) 20.

happy jack 19.

roundabout 18.

femme fatale 17.

the ox 16.

she loves you 15.

everybody's got something to hide 14.

whole lotta love 13.

voodoo child 12.

it's all too much 11.

im a boy 10.

smells like teen spirit 9.

magic carpet ride 8.

imagine (maybe) 7.

jailhouse rock 6.

dearest 5.

i can see for miles 4.

something in the way she moves 3.

war is over 2.

even flow 1.

it may not be accurate, or be the right genres but i just love these songs...

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