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My first - and fondest - rememberance of him was not as a comedic actor, but as the dashing "Swamp Fox" on the Disney series about Revolutionary War Colonel Francis Marion. Man, I thought he was soooo cool!

That was probably around the time he was in Tammy and The Bachelor with Debbie Reynolds. He was quite dashing and romantic.

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My favourite scene from the Naked Gun movies is the one where Leslie Neilsen shows up at a fertility clinic wearing a sling, thinking that it is just a regular medical clinic. His "performance" in the donation room is hysterical as is the aftermath when, exhausted, he goes home to find a randy Priscilla Presley waiting to be entertained.

I think the first time I saw him in a comedic role was in the early seventies on an episode of MASH. Maybe the producers of Airplane saw it and decided he'd be perfect for the role of the doctor. Who knows?

He will be missed.

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