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Wino Forever

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Johnny Depp, who has displayed sound judgment in choosing movie roles (except maybe that remake of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory), became lovestruck stupid over his girlfriend Winona Ryder and got a tattoo saying "Winona Forever," which now reads "Wino Forever."

If Depp's talent was songwriting, and not acting, he surely would have composed a moving song about Winona, maybe one so powerful that couples would use it til the end of time at their weddings.

At least two famous songwriters have poured their hearts out to their loved one of the moment, only to have that union end in divorce while other guys use it to express what their words can't.

Billy Joel - Just The Way You Are

Joel wrote this for his first wife as a birthday present. It's one of those songs with a title that says something profoundly simple yet meaningful; a sentiment on which true love is based. Unfortunately, Joel divorced after 9 years of marriage and started dating models, including Elle McPherson and Christie Brinkley. This experience gave him another song: Uptown Girl.

Marc Cohn - True Companion

Don't you hate it when a great love story doesn't work out in the end? It's like the opposite of the classic movie plot where an unlikely couple overcomes obstacles to become happy forever.

Cohn had a longtime girlfriend who was growing impatient waiting for a wedding proposal. In a moment of inspiration, he wrote "True Companion." When he played it for her, she thought he was proposing. He wasn't, but he did eventually and it made a great story for when he introduced the song on tour. Sadly, it ended long before death did they part. Cohn would later marry Elizabeth Vargas of ABC news while everyone I know continues to use "True Companion" at their weddings.

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