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The Songfactor's Choice Top Ten: (Special Edition: Instrumentals)


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The only real stipulation is that there are no lyrics. There may be the occasional voice or chant (such as an intro, ooh wah's, etc) but no significant lyrics ;) Easy enough.

I have a question about that...

are these two examples considered instrumentals?

Get a Move On ~ Mr. Scruff

(there *are* some lyrics "you better keep moving / or you'll be left behind", but one could argue that it's just a sample, used like any other instrument)

Moments in Love ~ Art of Noise

(lyrics: "Moments in Love" repeated a couple of times throughout the song)

not saying that I necessarily want to nominate them, I'm just asking to leave my options open :)

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After listening, I think they are both ok. What few words there are are used as a chant, almost as another instrument .... I wouldn't call them significant lyrics in any way. I initially got that clarification from DDD, and they indicate chants, intro's & ooh wahs (etc) are ok on their list. And for what it's worth ... I especially enjoyed the first one. ;)

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1. Maggot Brain - Funkadelic

Eddie Hazel on guitar.

2. Beck's Bolero - Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck - guitar

Jimmy Page - guitar

Keith Moon - drums

Nicky Hopkins - piano

John Paul Jones - bass

AWESOME choices.

I always liked what I've heard George Clinton said to his guitarist before they recorded "Maggot Brain":

"Play like your momma just died."

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**** Due to the time constraints this week we're making some changes so that everyone has fair and ample opportunity to both nominate & vote. To that end, here's how we've decided it's going to work this week:

We'll open the voting Wednesday as usual, although we may push the time back a little bit (depends on whether it appears we've got all possible noms). Then, we'll just leave the voting open over the holiday & the weekend. Anyone that doesn't get the chance to vote prior to the holiday Thursday will have plenty of time Monday, or Tuesday (or longer if necessary).

We'll open the regular weekly ten on Sunday evening as usual. I don't think a couple days overlap will hurt anything.

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