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Top Ten SNL Cast Members

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1. Chris Farley ("I live in a van, down by the river!")

2. Will Ferrel ("What Is Love, baby don't hurt me no more")

3. Gilda Radner ("Well Jane, it just goes to show you...It's Always Somethin'!")

4. Chris Kattan (Mr. Peepers, Mango)

5. Dana Carvey (A Master Of Impressions)

6. Phil Hartman (another Master Of Impressions)

7. Adam Sandler ("Love to eat turkey, cuz its good, I love to eat turkey like a good boy should, Cuz its turkey, to eat, so good")

8. John Belushi (gotta love his Joe Cocker impression!)

9. Chevy Chase ("I'm Chevy Chase...and you're not")

10. Dan Aykroyd ("Jane, you ignorant slut")

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I did well with my turkey!


Poor thing, I raised it for almost two years.

People ask me, how can you eat a living bird, that you raised?

I, in turn ask them, "How can you eat ANYTHING that you don't see being produced?

They'll then say, " It's cruel to kill a turkey."

"I'll ask them, what did you eat, roast beef? How did the bull feel about that?

Then, the vegetarian will say, I don't eat meat or dairy products!

I'll then comment about their leather belt, animalistic by-product make-up and being partial to a grilled cheese sandwich.

They'll say, "Fashion and taste doesn't count!"

Oh, really? Groovy!


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Final tally of Songfactors' Favorite SNL Cast Members

from our own nominess:

1. John Belushi 114

2. Bill Murray 82

3. Eddie Murphy 78

4. Dan Aykroyd 77

5. Chris Farley 75

6. Phil Hartman 64

7. Gilda Radner 54

8. Will Ferrell 47

9. Mike Myers 43

10. Chevy Chase 38

next tier:

Dana Carvey 28

Adam Sandler 21

Jane Curtin 21

Andy Samberg 21

Tina Fey 20

Amy Poehler 17

Jon Lovitz 11

Garrett Morris 11

Kristen Wiig 9

Bill Hader 9

Chris Kattan 7

Billy Crystal 6

Martin Short 6

David Spade 6

Kevin Nealon 3

Joe Piscopo 2

Larraine Newman 1

Horatio Sanz 1

Jim Belushi 1

Cheri Oteri 0

write in - Chris Rock 8

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1. Dan Aykroyd

2. Billy Crystal

3. Gilda Radner "Never Mind"

4. Chevy Chase

5. John Belushi

6. Jon Lovitz

7. Phil Hartman

8. Eddie Murphy

9. Jane Curtin "Jane, you ignorant slut"

10. Dana Carvey

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