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Happy Birthday, Jenny!!!


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Thanks everyone! Since this is a big one for me, I got treated to a long weekend away in Williamsburg, VA. We are packing up to come home right now, but it was a nice weekend.

I love you guys and I'll dedicate more time to you tomorrow when I'm back in NJ and I've had my rest.

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Happy belated birthday, Jenny!

I'm sure you had a great time and hopefully, you always will.

All the best to "you!"

(it's those round numbers that are hardest..40...50...eternity)?

I look at it this way:

If getting old is so bad then why do the Who and Rolling Stones sing about it...still?

Well, because great things never get old.

(they become antiques)

You are in that category.


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I'm safe to say that ole "double nickels" knows a thing or two about the persistence of life's November years, Jenny.

Happy BBD again and Thanksgiving!


P.S. (I had to mention this)

My present girl-friend, Joy, birthday also falls on 11/7.

Mine's 11/4. She's three years older than I, we're three days away from the same birthday and we're (or us three} both Scorpios.

Go figure!

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