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Ombre Vivante

'Til Debt Do Us Apart

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Anyone seen this?

I've seen this programme a few times and I can't help but feel completely aghast and gobsmacked at how stupid some people are with their finances. Tonight's episodes featured some film industry dweeb married to a cute chick: turns out she was divorced with two kids, didn't work, and pretty much financially bled him to death... it also didn't help he's an imbecile with the money he makes (he made 90K/year on average, but didn't file taxes for more than half a decade, didn't own a house, didn't save money for his kid, didn't even want to help his wife find work, didn't really seem all that concerned about being eyeball deep in debt). In a way, they were perfect for each other as they took themselves outta circulation in the singles scene. Then, there was the couple who spent on junk: he on useless electronics and her on piles of clothes - and I mean huge amounts of money that made no sense. He bought all those electronics, but didn't seem to be any more intelligent/savvier about technology and she bought all those clothes, but was as ugly wearing green as she was wearing the same s**t in red (she looked like a clown with her drawn eyebrows *shudder* ). It's a feelgood show 'cause it makes me see that I'm not as bad/stupid as those people. All this time I thought I was bad with money and felt worse for not owning a house at my age, but on the upside I can save up to 15% of my income... which, in a weird turn of events, IS better than if I owned a house :beatnik:

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