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I'm pretty sure there won't be many but - any fans left of Gram Parsons and/or The Flying Burrito Brothers? I won't even get into it if not. All my old albums were destroyed in the flood of 93 and you just don't hear anything on radio. I want to buy a couple cds but can't remember which titles I had. Help me out if you can! :: ::

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Thanks guys, you made my mind come alive again. You hit the nail on the head. My Parsons albums were Grievous Angel, Live 1973, and Fallen Angels.Of the Burrito Brothers all I had was Gilded Palace of Sin. I absolutely loved Parsons, and his duet with Emmylou Harris of the original version of Love Hurts is one of my favorite songs. If my computer speakers hadn't died I could have figured these out for myself, but since I couldn't remember the titles I was kind of lost. Thanks again - I adore you both! :bow:

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