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J Hill

Another in a Series of Irregular Contributions

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So busy on so many fronts and only lurking. But I wrapped up this lyric and hope to hear feedback...

The Way You Say Goodbye

When my needs threaten yours you abandon me

When you have no further need of me

When you’ve told all the lies you’ll lie to me

Without ever telling me why

That’s just how you say goodbye.

Why bother to tell what’s so easy to show

No questions to answer you think I should know

I’ve wondered for years how you come and you go

Without ever telling me why

I guess that’s how you say goodbye.

The snow is now deep on our long broken road

You stay in my mind and the stories I’ve told

The hand that once held I still wish I could hold

I cry and don’t even know why

That’s just how you said goodbye.

@2010 J Hill - Underhill Music Inc.

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