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My Hometown


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Musical interlude PT II scene a lot...

Not many can match the beautiful pictures displayed here and to think that a songwriter wrote for each and every ONE of you!

His name was Hoyt Axton; he wrote songs for many artists including but not limited to Elvis, Kingston Trio, Steppenwolf, John Denver, Joan Baez, Ringo Starr, Waylon Jennings, Linda Ronstadt but for some reason the song he wrote for Three Dog Night seems to fit this thread...it goes like this . . .

(A home without a town...yep, that's me)

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I'm like edna. I've got several hometowns ....I spent my early life here in Southern Indiana:

You are making me homesick girlie! My mom is there for a visit right now.

My hometown is Lebanon, Indiana in the central part of the state, just outside of Indianapolis.

One notable former resident is Craig Terrill, who plays for the Seahawks. Part of the movie Hoosiers was filmed in Lebanon.

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I was born here:

New Castle, Wyoming.


Moved here before I was school age:

Casper, Wyo.


Then here in 4th grade:

Long Beach, California.


This is where I was when I was in 9th grade:

Wilmington, California.

My favorite High School. Banning.


Landed here in my Junior year of High School. Talk about culture shock :o

Rainier ,Oregon


Now I live here:

Clatskanie Oregon.


I fell in love with Oregon after I got used to the weather but I sometimes miss Cali. I've been just about everywhere in the U.S and I guess Oregon is one of the top five states I'd choose to live in. I guess I'm just used to small town life now and couldn't imagine living in a big city again.

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South Pasadena, California, Tree City.

Also, for a while, home of the Cawston Ostrich Farm, the first ostrich farm in the USA, established in 1886.



:laughing: I didn't mention that I also spent 8 years in this town as well. The first picture that came to mind for me was of of the Ostrich Farm. :D It truly was a lovely little city though.

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Here is the West Virginia state capitol building…


A few years ago, they were working on it, and the dome was covered in what looks like a giant condom! :o


My house is very close to this bridge, an abandoned railroad bridge that they plan to rehabilitate into a pedestrian walkway…


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Perth Amboy, NJ born and raised. This photo shows the beautiful waterfront (Raritan Bay) and exactly how close New York is to Perth Amboy. That's Staten Island literally a stones throw away.


Here's another waterfront pic...who is in that car?


...and my favorite beach down the Jersey Shore...it may as well be home:


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