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The Songfactors' Choice Top 10 Scariest Characters


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In this Top 10 special, we will be doing a non-music theme.

For the month of October, we ask you to nominate 2 or 3 scary characters that that you feel are very frightening. They can be from a movie, television show, or book.

The same regular rules that go with the top 10s applies here. First week or two is for nominations, then the regular top 10 voting will go on for another week or two or until everybody has their votes in.

*Voters may rank between 10-12 choices.

For 11: First 8 are ranked with an additional 3 that are worth 1 point each.

For 12: First 8 are ranked with 4 additional, however #8 will be worth 2 points instead of 3.

Please let us have your nominations now


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Helena Marques ("The Black Queen") from Suspiria:



The audience sees very little of her, but the evil aura that envelops the whole school/building is all due to her power as the reigning Black Queen of the triad of witches :beatnik:

The wife/Anna and the wife's double/Helen in Possession:



She is so wicked, demented, unpredictable, and an absolute manic-hysteric... like the kind of girl I'd date! :beatnik:

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Kevin Spacey as John Doe in "Seven", one of my favorite movies. One scary-ass serial killer. He did some nasty things.


And Heath Ledger as The Joker from "The Dark Knight". Perhaps the scariest, and the best, adaptation of The Joker I've ever seen. Jack Nicholson's was good, but Ledger's was just flat out psychotic.


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