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RE: Need translation from French to English of Lio song

Ombre Vivante

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This is my favourite Lio song, but I only know a few words. Can anyone help translate this song from French to English... hell, I'll take a Spanish translation if it's more convenient. Thanks in advance for reading this inquiry and any potential help is greatly appreciated :beatnik:

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French lyrics (merde, they're not on the net, I have to write them down...)

J'demande pas que le soleil brille si le soleil choisit le gris

J' demande pas une trêve à l'ennui

je ne recherche pas le sommeil la nuit

j'demande pas qu'on me tombe un mouchoir, je joue pas les jeunes filles sensibles

et si toi tu m'as laissé choire

j'demanderais que ce soit impossible

J'voudrais bien, j'voudras bien me sentir mal

je voudrais bien

faut dire que ce serait

dejà un progrès oh oh oh

je veux bien rester enfermée dans ma chambre toute la journée

c'est un moment qui était le nôtre

je veux bien le laisser à d'autres

j'demande pas qu'on m'ait dans les yeux comme si j'allais servir de cible

j'vois bien que c'est plus moi que tu veux

j'demanderais q' ce soit impossible...


I'm not asking for the sun to shine if the sun choses grey

I'm not asking for a truce in boredom

I'm not pretending to sleep at night

I don't want to drop a hankerchief, I'm not playing the sensitive girl

and if you let me down I'd ask it was impossible

I'd like, I'd like to feel bad,

I'd like,

I must say it would already be some progress oh oh oh

I don't mind if I stay locked in my room all day long

that moment was our moment,

I'd gladly give it to others

I don't want to be in sight

as if I was a target

I can see it's no longer me you want

I'd ask that to be impossible


Beautiful song... :cool:

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Reminds me of "Veste Du Soir" from her first album.

I don't have a youtube link... unles you have Spotify...

Actually she's had a not easy life... she has been abused a lot, she has six or seven children from different parents and men didn't trear her right. Not even her producer... so there's always some sadness behind her songs...

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