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Suggestions for Specials

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How about "Same Title, Different Song"? For example, two or three songs with the same title. Someone could nominate Stairway to Heaven by Neil Sedaka and Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.

I got the idea after hearing the former song just a few seconds ago.

This could be a cool idea, actually. There would be lots of different styles of music nominated since there would be no cap on that, just titles.

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I still feel like there are a lot of genres we could do, which would give these top tens more of a thematic unity. Stuff like the one going on now and the last couple that have been suggested are interesting, but will result in the same kind of randomness that a normal ten would give. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. I just feel like a special should have that thematic unity, so we can establish what the songfacts community really thinks are the ten best heavy metal songs, country songs, punk songs, etc. That's what's interesting to me, anyway. I'll look through later and see what genres we have done and what we could still do.

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Here's a list of suggestions that have been mentioned previously ... some of these we've already done:



One hit wonders (been done once)


60's pop/rock & 60's R&B


Country (including country rock/ alt country/roots/folk rock)





By subject:

Summer songs

Cruisin' songs

Vacation (get away songs or about places) songs

Back to school top ten (songs about learning, teaching/schooling not necessarily literally about school)

Class of ? (songs from the year you graduated hs)

Power ballads



Songs from your birth year

Best ofs:

Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin, Who, Floyd, Eagles, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Queen ... and more

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As far as "Best Losers" ...... I'd like to see the PTTs re-introduced.

Each person's PTT would consist of what they consider their best 'Losers' that haven't yet made it.*

The rest of us vote on it, and their Top 3 songs as voted become their 3 nominations for the next regular Top Ten.

* Yes, a little bit of work required, but I'm sure I could soon find 50 'Losers' of mine I'd like to give another chance.


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