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Dumbest Crook of the Day

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It's always fun to hear about crooks and thieves that are just plain dumb...with that said, here is my favorite dumb crook of the day:

Camden man charged with shoplifting allegedly paid bail with fake money

The Associated Press

CINNAMINSON — Authorities say a New Jersey man charged with shoplifting allegedly paid his bail with phony money and returned to demand a refund.

Twenty-five-year-old Ronald White of Camden was arrested July 7, accused of shoplifting at a clothing store and supermarket in Cinnaminson.

White was locked up for having two outstanding warrants and paid $400 bail in cash.

Police later realized the money was fake.

Before they could find him, White showed up and argued his bail should have been only $200. He wanted $200 back.

White was charged with counterfeiting and put in Burlington County Jail on $5,000 bail.

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LOL...great topic Ron...

I heard on the radio awhile ago about someone who robbed a bank in their own hometown....but that's not the dumbest part...he was seen riding away on a motorcycle and his helmet had his last name on it....

Another story they had was about a guy who went into a bank and wrote on the back of his deposit slip that he demanded money....LOL...geesh he should of used his withdrawal slip instead!....LOL :laughing:

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at our little frame shop years ago we sold art glass - really expensive beautiful stuff. This one lady had come in and custom ordered some glass tabletops. So when they were ready she came to get them, and we saw her walking out with a piece of expensive art glass (a beautiful perfume bottle) that she didn't pay for. My sister ran out and chased her through the parking lot, took down her license plate #, etc.

The next day, her husband brought back the art glass to get a refund, saying that he didn't give her "permission" to spend that kind of money."

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haha I didn't help the guy... our employee did, and she took all his info and we called the cops, who had us pick her out of a photo lineup, and they went and got her.

Her husband confessed that his wife was a klepto. We never did get the art glass back. And I was bummed, because it was one of my favorite pieces. :mad:

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