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Just A Little Cliché

Tony Baloni

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Here's the recording

Never be afraid to be yourself

And when I say yourself, I mean your true self

Not the drive-thru meditations of

men with powerpoint presentations, and

then they ask you to buy their book to

save your soul

But the words of unpaid yogis, who

know that what we know is nothing,

so awareness comes free

of a toll

Never stop believing in your god

The thing behind the linguistic facade

See with the eyes beyond the

face, transcend the labels of time and

place, don’t let an idea

hold you down

Trapped in the orbit of a

star, if you forget where you

are, just open wide and

look around

Save your money and save your soul

Freedom comes without a toll

No idea can hold you down

Open wide and look around, you’re

in an ongoing explosion of light and


Always keep your head up to the West

Even if the winds upon your chest

push harder than you know you

could, soon the seeds will turn to

wood, and the wood will split and

rot away, and

You’ll be there to turn over the

dirt, and dirty up your pristine

shirt, you pray will last you just

one more day

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