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The Songfactors' Choice Top Ten #225

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wow... three PF songs this week... :shades:

Gee,I didn't realize 2 other people nominated Pink Floyd songs :doh:

And figuring that this might be the last one is the only reason I nominated Motorhead (besides it's a good song)I just figured might as well go out with a bang :laughing:

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You got it! :bow: All you needed to do is type the name of the song in the spot where it says "link" , but even that is not necessary. Woohoo matt! :D

:blush: "Thank you" to everyone who tried to help me... :rockon: I'm eventually going to figure all this stuff out :bow: Again..."Thank You" everyone

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summer theme:

Summer ~ Beatsteaks (2002) youtube and streaming mp3

we paint the town red

to see what we will get

don't care about the past

today we'll make it last

we came around

breaking up the silence that we've found

I'm alive

Summertime ~ The Busters (1989) live version on youtube and streaming mp3

not the Gershwin song ;)

Summertime is back in town

time to get your scooter out

winter days are far away

you take it for a ride

Your scooter looks just like a mess

although you tried your very best

somebody stole your pork pie hat

your girlfriend moved to Switzerland

and I bet she’s got a new boyfriend

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This 10 may take a while longer, in fact the nominating stage may last an extra day. Sorry, but I'm busy this week.

That's ok Kenne, no problem. It happens that I'm not working tomorrow, and will be in and out, I can post the nominations just so that we stay on schedule.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one that wants to see the ten go on. I have fun with the thing, dang it. Also :bow: to y'all .... it may have taken the threat of no more Top Ten to do it, but we're back to 50 nominations (so far) with Liberal's additions. Nice to see you Liberal .... Woohoo!

And Peachy .... you know how I like to spout off with my two cents .... so I'm stealing yours. I love it! b505d583.gif


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I think that a short sabbatical might be a good thing, but when the TT comes back, it should be changed up a little. Maybe do themed list. Songfactors' Choice Top 10 Movie Theme Songs or Hippie Songs (1967-1970) or Protest/Anti-War/Political Songs...something like that could be interesting.

I think for the sake of those themes, whether they made the regular TT or not should be waived.

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