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"Sex and Candy" ~ Marcy Playground


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Ever wonder what the hell "Sex and Candy" is all about? Turns out, even the guy who wrote it doesn't know.

I met Marcy Playground's lead singer, John Wozniak, after a concert here in Phoenix a few weeks ago. He comes across as a quiet, shy, very nice individual. Which, when you watch him in the Marcy Playground videos, makes complete sense. The music he writes is like looking through a kaleidoscope - and that's what they've created their videos to appear like, as well. It works.

One gets the definite feeling that John writes everything very tongue-in-cheek, even if it is mostly rooted in his school memories of being the kid who was picked on (which today would be known as "bullying," but back then was just considered being "unpopular.")

John's story is twisted up with Alice's looking glass, and the turns it takes surprised me. Their latest effort, which began as a solo project for John and ended up as a Marcy Playground production, is called Leaving Wonderland...in a fit of rage.

How apropos.

Interview with Marcy Playground

Enjoy. :)

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