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Anoybody else a musician?

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I play a wicked kazoo.

The kazoo is seriously awesome! There's this duo that busks on the main street here- one guy on the drums...and the other on the guitar and kazoo (or it might be the drummer on kazoo, i can't remember). But it's seriously great fun music and the kazoo totally makes it, I love it.

As for me, I play the guitar...or at least attempt to. It's only been a few months since I bought a guitar, and I'm definitely no hendrix, but let me tell you, I can play a mean E minor chord! ;)

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Yeah, dropped out; got a real job. But I still have my guitar, my banjo and my violin. The blasted flute still eludes me. And I play piano for my kids' school concerts. There are SongFactors members who were born in the time since I played my last gig ;-)

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I've played trombone for about 5 years, and can play a bit of euphonium/baritone too, as basically it's the same instrument. (I play baritone in marching band, trombone in concert/jazz band)

I've also played marimba for about a year, since I joined indoor percussion last year at out school. We didn't get assigned insruments until the day we got out music, but we were taught technique, since hardly any of us had played mallets before. I got marimba I and LOVE it.

If anybody's interested in seeing me play Marimba, click here. (Gnomon is our "name," like our HS guard is "Essay Perfornamce Company")

I'm zoomed in on at 2:45.

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Thanks! We got 6th place at Finals at the Championships in Wildwood that year. Not bad for being 2nd year it;s been around after a LONG break, because the school stopped supporting it. When our new band director got hired a few years ago, he decided to start it up again.

Also, we did a very good job, because the show's music was very difficult for a bunch of wind instrument players on mallets. (The bassist does play bass though, and plays Bari Sax in marching band) Also, the highest 2 bass drums are actually wind players! (Bass Drum 2 was in Gnomon last year, though. He normally plays the trumpet)

PS. Did you understand the concept of the show?

It's called Variations of Canon. (in D) Each letter (C-A-N-O-N) represented a variation. There are also some Pop songs buried in there; "Can't Help Falling In Love," "With or Without You," and "Sk8er Boi" from what I recall. The snare part from Bolero is in there, too; You can't see the kid who was on Aux. Percussion 2 that often. He was next to the glockenspiel. Did you also get the part where we played the music forward, then backwards? That's what the spelling was. We ditched that for finals and the battery did some complex marching in silence.

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I'm positive that no one here at Songfacts is a musician.

I'm also positive that jaws are agape.

Surely, everyone here is a musician in their own right- the love of music breeds musicians.

Nothing sounds so haunting and melancholy as a true steel guitar with a 3/4 slide.

I've learnt part of it but as musicians know...

There is never enough time to learn the perfect note unless you're immortal.

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