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Laura Bell Bundy


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Just call her LB-squared.

When her publicist suggested Laura Bell to me for an interview, I confess I hadn't a clue who she was. So I dived head-on into researching all about her (gotta sound like I know what I'm talkin' about when I talk to her, ya know?) ;)

Quite a personality, Miss Laura Bell. And there's so much about her to like! She's down-to-earth, bawdier-than-thou, a theatre tramp (Glinda in Wicked), a video vamp ("Drop On By" - bubblebath, anyone?), vulnerable and sweet all at the exact same second. Experts might say she's got dissociative personality (there's one for every genre she dominates). We'll just call her sweet and sassy, and immensely likeable.

Read the interview - even if you haven't any idea who she is, it's a tremendously good read. And while you're there, be sure and watch the video for "Giddy On Up." It's intentionally cheesy, and a great fun romp.

Interview With Laura Bell Bundy

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