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Best of the replacements (KISS variety)

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Of course, the original lineup of Kiss (Gene/Paul/Ace/Peter) is the best, but how would you rate the guys who replaced Ace & Peter?

I've read that Eric Carr was held in high esteem and that Vinnie Vincent never got along with Gene (in fact, Vinnie was actually fired twice. Once after the "Creatures of the Night" tour, but he was quickly rehired because they couldn't find someone on short notice to record 'Lick it Up'. Then he was fired after the 'Lick it Up' tour for . . unethical behavior).

Too bad Mark St. John got the bad arthritis and couldn't play much. And I think if the original lineup hadn't gotten back together, I'd say that Bruce Kulick would still be a member of Kiss.

What say you all?

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