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Ryan Star (Rockstar Supernova's "Dark Horse")


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You know him as the Dark Horse from Rock Band Supernova, from the theme of Fox TV's "True Lies," and from the song "Breathe" which has been gaining airplay and is on my list of favorite new songs for this year (If it sings like Bruce Springsteen, and sounds like Daughtry, it must be amazing, am I right?) JUST LISTEN. You will like this guy. Plus the interview is pretty damn entertaining. Ryan Star

"Is this site PG? I'm sorry. They didn't give me a head's up," said a chagrined Ryan Star, after revealing a little bit of his pervy side. No worries. We not only left what inspired that notsoheartfelt apology in the interview. We singled it out as a HIGHLIGHTED QUOTE. We're awesome like that. And a bit shameless.

By the way, at the end of the interviews, there is space for comments. We love getting your feedback on these interviews, good, bad, indifferent, just no naughty language. So please feel free to use the space. It's reserved just for you. And for you. And for you.

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