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The Faces Reform With Mick Hucknall

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From Ultimate-guitar.com:

Legendary early 70s rock band the Faces have reformed with Mick Hucknall, who replaced the band's original singer Rod Stewart.

The new-look Faces - who will also include former Sex Pistols bassist Glen Matlock in place of the late Ronnie Lane as well as original guitarist Ronnie Wood, drummer Kenney Jones and keyboardist Ian McLagan - will headline the Vintage at Goodwood festival in Sussex in August and plan to tour in January 2011.

Speaking to BBC News, Ronnie Wood said that Simply Red's vocalist Mick Hucknall had "that electricity in his voice" and when they started rehearsing it was "as if no time had gone by and we were the same outfit."

They also refused to rule out Rod Stewart rejoining the band at some stage but claim that they "haven't got time to hang around."

"Mick's singing is hot and we're ready to go ... the time is right," Wood continued. "He's normally a romantic ballady singer but he really rocks, he can really sing those songs."

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Aahw, details please.....

Not much, really... it's just that I've been to a couple press conferences where he was really nasty with the journalists who asked questions, that's all. Rude and unpolite. I didn't even want to talk with him after seeing what a bleep he was. If you want to be a star you should at least be polite with people who will write about your work and tell the others what you think and what you want your fans to know.

It's called "promo". You must go through that, it's part of your work. Even the Rolling Stones are cool with the press. You cannot treat rock critics as if they were tabloid collaborators...

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