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R1 2 Claym, 4 Glory U Seek!

J Hill

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While I was young, you were so small. You held me up, I watched you fall.

The things you said the moments all, were gone so fast but last so long.

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“Get me something with pop. Don’t even tell me 2 stop! Let’s get sauced like the mot, y not? Staying here till the beat drops, bot. Sweep an’ say with your mop, hot, when its hell is all that you got. Drop a lot and get shot.

What the Empaths got. “

@2010 “The Empaths†jdhill

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I will attempt a brief translation. Apologies for anything misconstrued.

This is the third part (chapter) of a sci-fi book I'm working on, in non-book form, called "The Empaths". I did try to explain a little of my original motivations in a previous post here. My hope (probably foolish) is to present the material eventually in some digital, www and multi-media sort of way. Web links, screen shots, viral videos, that sort of thing. I know, crazy idea.

The subject line of this post translated is "Run to Claim for Glory You Seek!". This is only the beginning, again. I hope the pertinence of the title will become more clear at some point.

Here, the first few lines should have been in quotes, maybe, because they are the barely conscience thoughts of one of the main characters. The second part is a screen shot of an imaginary web message from an imaginary land. The third meant to convey some idea of this so-called world's state (someday complete with video I hope).

BTW; you are right, in a way, I do like puzzles.

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I'm getting a clue here. This character, who will probably be further developed in ensuing "chapters" here, has become the object of communication from an empath, to her consternation. Her desire to be free of "him" will possibly be fruitless. How she deals with that is perhaps one of, if not THE theme of this story.

I may have missed my guess, but the outline is very limited at this point.

I shall continue my subscription. But keep in mind, maestro, there are solid reasons that, in most cases, writers start slowly and build complexity, while keeping their reader's attention span in mind.

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