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The Amazing Music History Calendar


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For a few years, we've been using the Calendar on these Forums to mark important events in Music History. We've amassed well over a thousand events, and it's time to use the latest and greatest technology to make this easy to access.

Here's the new Amazing Music History Calendar

THRILL as you find the events broken down by categories like Charts, Innovations, Releases

BEHOLD the menu on the right that lets you access any day with one click

WONDER at how easily you can add events and mark favorites that are chosen as the event of the day.

In the upper right, you can sign in using the same login/password you use on these forums. If you're registered here, you're also registered there.

If you log in, you'll have access to the edit/favorite functions.

Zhivko the wonder-developer has put a lot of work into making this easy and clear, and we want your feedback. Please post here to let us know what you think. You guys are the first to see it, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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