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Garage 34!

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This is to promote the band Garage 34 from G-Ville Texas! Jordan, Ben we love you guys, and everyone who puts forth effort, here is the official website! If anyone has an interest in these guys you can email them from the following link! They rock, and deserve a chance to rock yoru world too!


Give these guys a chance, no one is perfect, but I love these guys! :drummer:

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Wow....thanks Sara!!! Always good to hear from fans :)

As far as our style goes, we sound a bit like Rancid, a bit like the Clash, and a bit like Squad Five-0. I guess you could call it "punk rock&roll"...except more unique :: Just check out our three newest songs at the Media page.

haha, anyway...we love all you G34 fans out there...thanks for making it even more fun to play music!

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