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The Songfactors' Choice Top Ten #213

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[big]WELCOME TO...



ALL MEMBERS OF SONGFACTS ARE MOST WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE. The greater the participation, the more diverse, and more representative our top ten list is. We'd like to invite everyone to help us select THE SONGFACTORS' CHOICE TOP TEN!


* Nominate two songs that haven't made the Ten before ... Click here to view Every Song That's Made The Songfactors' Choice Top Tens (Artists).

... And here to view Every Song That's made The Songfactors' Choice Top Ten (Songs)

* When nominations close, choose your favorite Ten songs in order of preference from the Final Nominations and post them here. Points are allotted, 10 for your #1 song, 9 for #2, Etc. and our Top Ten is compiled from them. At the end of the voting period we'll announce The Songfactors' Choice Top Ten For that week.


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The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead ~ XTC (1992) youtube and mp3

Peter Pumpkinhead came to town

Spreading wisdom and cash around

Fed the starving and housed the poor

Showed the Vatican what gold's for

But he made too many enemies

Of the people who would keep us on our knees

Hooray for Peter Pumpkin

Who'll pray for Peter Pumpkinhead?

Don't Mug Yourself ~ The Streets (2002) youtube* and mp3

* the song at the end is "Same Old Thing" from the same album

A new day another morning after, leaning back on my chair in a greasy spoon cafeteria

Last night was some beer laryness done our way but again we're back in the light of day

Chatting s**t, sitting at the wall table telling jokes playing with the salt, lookin out the window

Girl brings 2 plates of full english over with plenty of scrambled eggs and plenty of fried tomato

Get my phone out, 'bout to give this girl a shout, see if she had a nice time last night up town

Ask if she fancies trying it again sometime then Cal grabs the phone, like "oi oi oi!"

Hold it down boy, your head's getting blurred

I know you can't stop thinking of her

By all means you can vibe with this girl

But just don't mug yourself, thats all don't mug yourself!

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Panic Switch - Silversun Pickups '09 shoegaze at it's finest :cool:

'shoegaze at its finest' - I THINK NOT. SSPU aren't quite hazy enough to qualify entirely as a shoegaze band, while 'finest' is reserved for dinosaurs and those little bands that started at the turn of the century that everyone ignored and are only now gaining attention that the genre is being revived. An example of finest new shoegaze is Butterfly Explosion who I nominated last time. I might save Durutti Column for the next list as I also give you the example of:

Blaster - pinkshinyultrablast (2009)

aka Nom #1

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