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Rise Against

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This is my obligatory plug for a personal favourite band that just about no one I know seems to have heard of. That band is Rise Against.

I believe they hail from the general area of Detroit, Michigan, but I'm not sure on that.

They play a mix of hard-core and punk music, with "traditional" singing on some songs and flat-out screaming on others.

Some of their better songs are "Blood Red White And Blue", "Everchanging", "Alive And Well", "1000 Good Intentions" and "Generation Lost". Their song "Last Chance Blueprint" begins with a clip from the movie "American Beauty". Just last week they released their third CD.

For the second year running, I saw this band at the Vans Warped Tour in Barrie, Ontario. They put on a great show. This is one of the few bands I know that can work an entire crowd into a frenzy before finishing their first song.

Anyway, Rise Against seems to be a little-known band, but their popularity (at least among punk afficionados) is growing rapidly. If you're interested in this style of music, you really should check out some of their songs.

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I bought their recent CD last week. Many of the tunes have that fast rat-a-tat-tat snare drum drumming common in hardcore punk for which I don't care for. You'd think that punk bands would quit doing that. It's old hat now.

I actually bought the CD noticing that GGGarth produced it.

Rise Against discography

I'll have to play it a few more times to give my overall impression.

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i've also noticed that not alot of people have heard of rise against. Only a few of my friends have heard of them. there definatley one of my favourite bands and i want to help spread the word.some of there songs people should check out are like the angel, blood to bleed, voices off camera, alive and well, and torches. there all wicked tunes :rockon:

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