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On March 25 my hetero life partner entered this world. I love that woman like a fat kid loves cake. For her I'd cook MC's like a pound of bacon. Tenacious Peaches makes you wanna shoop, baby shoop. I like the way she works it, and I am 100% diggity free on that opinion. She cries tears of a rapper. She is an around the way girl from all the way around. Her Addidas are hype. She hip, hip a hops, and she don't stop. Tenacious Peaches is the this you can't touch. I am honored she's my friend and I love her with all my heart. So let's turn this, turn this party out!

First, me and you, T-Pain, Andy, and Akiva are gonna go out on a boat

And while we're sailing we'll have some cake


but don't party so hard you get your hook stuck in the stair car.

You are the Gus to my Shawn; the Ebony to my Ivory. Have the best birthday ever. :rockon:

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Kevin - Thanks Bug Eyes!

MC_Kenne – I can’t count to ten, so I’m taking your word for it.

Marc – Woot backatacha! I dig a good woot.

Laurie – Party at your house! I’ll bring the margaritas if you supply the salami.

Shawna – That was a bit “Deliveranceâ€-y, woman. You’re kinda freaking me out but I like it.

Edna – For the love of all that is holy, you have got to stop with the evil vermin! But I think I will forgive you as long as the brownies are strong enough.

Crazy Don – Awww, you are making me blush. I’m spoken for in real life but I can let you interview to be my internet husband. Bring bacon.

Blind-fitter – Thank you, sir. That was the most formal birthday greeting I’ve received today. Cheers!

Steel2Velvet – That was awesome. You know it, baby! I rock out with my socks out.

RonJon- Thanks to the King of Minimalism.

TimLizzy – Hell yes he’s got a package for me! Woot! Aye bruddah.

Joe – I’m at work so I can’t see the link right now so I’m imagining it’s you giving me a strip tease…one sock at a time, ever so slowly.

Levis- Thanks, ji. I’ll be wearing my beat up Chucks for my girls’ night celebration this weekend and thinking of you.

Farin - Thank you marvelous Martin. That's the best gift I've gotten all day!

I love my Songfacts family! :rockon:

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Martin slipped in whilst I was composing my thank yous. It's my damned birthday...you'd think I wouldn't have to explain myself on this of all days. Damn the man!
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Just because it's your birthday, that doesn't mean you get to relax, now, Anna Mae. I still expect my supper on the table promptly at five, and my feet rubbed promptly at eight.....or you KNOW what's gonna happen then, dontcha, baby?

Anyways, have a happy birthday. Enjoy the barbeque. I'll deal with you later.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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